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By twisting the CELTIC tradition with GOTHIC art, FANTASY art, FAIRY TALE art, NURSERY RHYMES, POETRY, and more, Knotted Words Celtic Art takes Celtic art to a whole new level, intertwining CELTIC ARTWORK with LITERARY QUOTATIONS, weaving TRADITIONAL elements with CONTEMPORARY styles, from the LIGHT and WHIMSICAL to the DARK and FANTASTICAL.

Drawing from the wisdom of the great writers of the past, Knotted Words Celtic Art seeks to unite CELTIC ART and LITERATURE, IMAGE and WORD, in an AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, BRAIN TEASING, HEARTFELT experience. All pieces are created digitally, rendered in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

As all literary quotations are drawn from material that is considered public domain, my work would be considered fair/transformative use and therefore, not a violation of copyright.


I prefer LUSTER paper for art prints, and the GLOSSY CANVAS for canvas prints as they really make the colours POP and GLISTEN.


Knotted Words Celtic Art
C/O Angela Dawn MacKay
2459 Agricola Street, Suite #2
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 4C1